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Why the Word ”Interactivity” is Misleading

By Roger HB Davies

The generations are changing the language. Obvious. But as generations overlap in the workforce, some words merit closer attention.

For example, the words ” interactivity” and “connected.”

Gen-Yers see the words (and skill sets) as related to technical “connections,” e.g., social media and staying in touch via technology.

Boomers use the words very differently. They “connect” with people through face-to-face exchanges. They “interact” by talking and listening – on the phone, in client meetings, with each other.

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Two sets of skills, both important, both quite different and covered by two potentially misleading words.

Gen-Yers see “interactivity” as both a technical word and an “interpersonal” word. Boomers don’t understand this. Their spin on “interactivity” speaks to their bias towards and face-to-face communication.

Who’s right?

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