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Face-to-Face Benefits

Classroom Training Communicates

In economically tough times it's only natural that companies try to cut costs.

This has meant the emergence of more online training. It’s seen as a way to reduce the cost of travel, training venues and facilitators.

We have the resources to do online training, yet we have made a conscious decision not to. We don't believe in it.

In our experience it doesn't work well for communication training.

Online works well for transmitting facts, figures, analysis, and research. And it’s good for training follow-up and reinforcement after a training workshop.

To us, though, nothing can replace the classroom experience: Receiving personal feedback and coaching. Interacting with other participants. Practicing face-to-face communication.

From what we can see, the most successful companies agree with us.

What benefits have you gauged from face-to-face communication?

Tell us about a time you were successful in achieving a business goal through face-to-face communication?

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