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Technology Etiquette Depends on Corporate Culture (and Good Manners)

If you join a “conservative” company, you are going to have to bend over backwards to be respectful in the use of technology. In other words, you can’t text non-stop in meetings and continually go into your Gmail or Twitter account on company time.

Some companies are digitally focused and accepting of a technological free-for-all; many are not.

If you’re seeking success in a business, just look around and see how everyone else handles themselves.

We delivered a workshop recently to a large bank. You will appreciate our instructor, Amy, was not expecting the participants to be using their BlackBerries during the session. At the break, Amy went to them and said, “Do me a favour. Maybe you could use your BlackBerry on the breaks or at lunch.”

One participant turned around and said, “When you earn as much money as I do, you can tell me what to do.”

We thought the response to be totally out of line.

I’m guessing that person is no longer employed – financial meltdown or no financial meltdown.

Courtesies, respect and politeness go a long way!

Respect your corporate culture.

Should all corporate cultures adapt to allow people to use technology for personal use?
What are some of the pros and cons of allowing more digital freedom in the workplace?

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